Our Story

In August 2011, Carolina Holtmeyer (left) and Jaqueline Shafer (right) went to Miami for a weekend. While walking on the beach one afternoon, they came up with a vision of starting an organization that would help spread the Brazilian culture in Saint Louis. 

Both Carolina and Jaqueline were Brazilian mothers married to Americans and raising their children in Saint Louis. They wanted to share their cultural roots with their children and others interested in learning about the Brazilian culture. 

Carolina and Jaqueline's idea of creating an association where the Brazilian culture would be alive through education, arts and business, eventually led to the creation of Viva Brasil STL.

In 2013 Viva Brasil Association in Saint Louis, also known as Viva Brasil STL, acquired the Non-Profit status  (501-c3).

Today,  Viva Brasil STL has become the center of information for the Brazilian culture and a source of information for Brazilians residing in the Saint Louis area. Viva Brasil STL is continually growing and striving to be the best Brazilian resource in the Saint Louis area.