Viva Brasil STL é uma organização sem fins lucrativos, fundada em 2012. Nós trazemos a cultura brasileira para St. Louis patrocinando eventos culturais e ensinando português. Conheça o Brasil sem sair de St. Louis.

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The Viva Brasil STL is a non-profit organization founded in 2012. We bring the Brazilian culture to St. Louis by sponsoring cultural events and teaching Portuguese. Experience Brazil without leaving St. Louis.

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Ta Frio Mas Ta Bom is back! Come celebrate Mardi Grass with us as we take the streets of St Louis again! Ta Frio Mas Ta Bom is partnering with Viva Brasil STL in order to bring a little of the Brazilian Carnaval to St Louis. Please keep checking the event page for more updates and information about the parade, sign up fees, theme, etc.



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Would like to know more about Viva Brasil? Feel free to attend our board meetings or volunteer at one of our events.

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